Sunday, November 15, 2015

November INSTRUCTOR of the Month - Elizabeth Hood

We love her smiley face, her every changing hairstyles and her awesome energy in each and every barre class she teaches.  Elizabeth Hood is our Instructor of the month because we think her infectious attitude will help keep you coming to classes during the hectic holidays.  

Something you may not know about me just by looking?  In addition to chronic back pain, I suffer from a very debilitating case of wanderlust. Travel is my number one passion in life and I even lived in France for two and a half years after college. Since practicing barre, my core has been strengthened to the point that I’m no longer hindered by heavy backpacks or long hours on my feet. In fact, I make it a personal mission to seek out fitness studios and take classes whilst abroad. So far, my favorite class experience was at an aerial-barre studio in Sydney, Australia called Sky-Lab. Check it out if you get the chance!

Studio classes have become my favorite environment in which I get my sweat on. I like having an instructor there to guide me through my workout and hold me accountable. I like being surrounded by other women whose energy and determination help push me along, (when I’d otherwise want to give up). And what I enjoy most about taking studio classes is that it’s a time to unplug. It’s the one time of day where you can disconnect from your phone for an hour and not feel guilty.

As an instructor, I try to stress the importance of self-care. Regular exercise is vital to our self-care routine and I believe that, out of all the other studios in Dallas, Crowbar possesses a certain realness in their approach that you won’t find many other places. Crowbar will always challenge you, but we don’t set unrealistic body goals because we understand that “perfection” looks different to everyone. At Crowbar, whether teaching or taking, I always walk away happy that I came and I hope that my clients do too!

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