Monday, September 14, 2015

September Client of the Month - Brian Hall

A relative newcomer to the Crowbar Crew, we love Brian's infectious positivity and competitiveness.  He's always up for the races in Indo-Row, pushing his hardest and cheering on his teammates to success.  He's tall too (so he's good to have on your team, when you're looking for a win).  If you couldn't tell by his shirt, his favorite color is orange.  If you couldn't tell by the walls in the studio, it's one of our favorites too!  Just a sign he was meant to be in our crew.

I grew up in good ole Oklahoma and moved to Dallas after graduating from OSU in 1998. Go Pokes! (That’s a little Oklahoma State lingo for you.) For most of my life I have been tall and lean with a swimmer’s build. I could bake a cake, then turn around and eat the entire thing without gaining a single pound. (Boy, those were the days!) Then I hit the magical 30s and, suddenly, my awesome metabolism changed.  I started gaining unwanted weight; weight that I needed to drop AND keep off. In my search for the perfect workout to assist me in shedding the pounds, I began researching cardio options that would be high intensity, but low impact on my body.  Rowing is what kept appearing at the top of the lists. 

Before I realized it was a unique fitness facility, I kept passing by Crowbar Cardio for about a year.  Finally, I decided to give them a shot.  From day one, my experience at Crowbar Cardio has been nothing but amazing. I look forward to going to class early in the morning or directly after work. The instructors are constantly challenging me and, because of their motivation, I’ve realized that I can push my body to limits I didn’t know existed. I really feel like I’ve found a place where I can achieve realistic fitness goals while literally enjoying every minute of it.

Additionally, I’m an extremely competitive person and this particular fitness studio is a great outlet. If anyone reading this bio has been in class with me, you know this last statement is so true!

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