Saturday, August 15, 2015

August Client of the Month - Karen Babb

She's been with us since the beginning, almost never misses a class and we love her dedication to always finding time for fitness and always doing it with a smile.  Karen's great to have on your rowing team, next to you to follow in barre or as a cycling neighbor, because she's willing to do it all.  And did we mention how much we love her unicorn workout pants?

Call me a junky, well a workout junky!  In my high school years, I wasn’t so much into fitness or sports. I played the clarinet and marched in the band. Yep, I was a band geek! Gym class was my worst nightmare.  But, as I got older, I started going to the gym and have now been a gym rat for over 25 years.  I first heard about Crowbar Cardio at the law firm where I work.  I work with Molly Setnick’s husband, Ben and he sent an email telling us about a new gym that his wife had started and that it was high intensity, low impact.  I thought, what a great concept, a high intensity, low impact workout. I had been having trouble with my knees and couldn’t run anymore, and the classes I was taking at the big box gym were making it worse.  So, about a year ago I decided I would sign up for the trial membership and see if I liked it.  I was hooked!  I never felt awkward in any of the classes and the place felt familiar from day one. I feel like the classes focus on strengthening the whole body in a more gentle way, but still have the intensity to build up my endurance.  I love the friendly atmosphere, the camaraderie of the members in the classes and the teachers.  We know each other’s stories, and I think that is important because it makes people feel like they belong.  I hate to miss a class and it really has to be something important for me to cancel.  As you can tell, I am one of Crowbar’s biggest fans.  I even got my husband to start coming with me! 

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