Monday, June 15, 2015

June INSTRUCTOR of the Month - Brittany Harrington

We want to introduce you to one of our newest instructors, Brittany Harrington.  Don't let her petite frame fool you - she's one tough instructor and always has a big smile, a great laugh or an encouraging word for you, while she's kicking your butt.  If you haven't tried her classes, you're missing out.  And by the way, she has a musical hidden talent...

Do you know what a bassoon is?  I have been playing one since I was 11 years old in a town just around the corner from Dallas.  It’s something that has shaped my life in a profound way!  It has allowed me to travel around the world performing and learning about music, afforded me the opportunity to meet people across the globe, brought me through three degrees (a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and graduate Diploma), created lasting bonds with people, introduced me to my wonderful future husband, and even brought me to my love of fitness!

I have always tried to hit the ground running in anything I do.  When I first attended the Eastman School of Music, things were no different- I began practicing and performing anywhere from 2-7 hours a day!  The repetitive motion my body endured in conjunction with bad posture and practice habits, and hours of sitting in rehearsals, caused me to develop severe tendonitis.  I actually had to stop playing bassoon for a few months and go into physical therapy- no small feat when my degree program depended on my ability to perform! My forced hiatus from performing allowed me to re-evaluate my body, and I began taking better care of myself.  I eventually found that I wanted to help others, especially my peers, get into better shape.  As musicians, we spend a lot of our time being sedentary and I love when I can get people moving and feeling healthier and more energetic. Since breaking into the fitness industry I have helped many friends, family, and fellow musicians find a fun way to exercise.  I even convinced a bunch of colleagues to cycle with me after orchestra rehearsals one semester!

Fitness has allowed me to come back from severe injury and enriched my life in so many ways.  I love Crowbar Cardio not only because of its healthy low-impact classes, but because of the culture and the community.  Everyone comes from different places and various backgrounds, yet everyone supports each other.  Every time I walk through the door, I’m struck by the overwhelming sense of kinship amongst the instructors, staff, and members.  Every time I sit on a rower or a bike, I’m inspired by the members of my classes.  And every time I teach, I strive to bring that same sense of positivity, encouragement, and support those around me.

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