Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April INSTRUCTOR of the Month - Matthew Hickey

Matthew Hickey is a true gem - dedicated to the sport of cycling and dedicated to helping others find success in fitness.  We've known him since before Crowbar was Crowbar and we are so happy and lucky to have him as part of our fitness family.  
I am a native Dallasite who remembers when LBJ was built and Lover’s Lane near Greenville Ave had Lover’s Lane Horse Stables!  I’m happy to remember anything now! While a lot has changed since I grew up here, one thing has remained constant, I have always enjoyed working out as much as I have enjoyed eating! 

I have always had a challenge with maintaining a healthy weight.  My nickname growing up was “Fat Matt” and then “Fat Matt with a radial plied tire”! I have always been upbeat and I have had a good sense of humor so I was able to roll with the punches without taking it too personally.  After being overweight for years I was finally able to slim down by watching what I was eating and by starting a dedicated workout with goals in mind! It worked! I started cycling (back when no one wore helmets but long after LBJ was completed!) to complement my running and swimming.  I started riding with one of my best friends and we pushed and challenged each other!  I have run six marathons and annually ride the Hotter N Hell 100 mile bike ride as well as numerous other bike rides in the State.  Having a realistic stated goal and a friend or a group of friends to train with is very important since it helps you take ownership of the goal and to strive to succeed!    

Crowbar has great classes to choose from with a group of dedicated instructors who want to see the client succeed in obtaining their goal(s).  I understand the challenges of maintaining and controlling weight and physical condition.  As a teacher and leader of a spin class, I have two objectives: (1) first is to get each individual to challenge themselves and work as hard as they can to help them achieve their goals (2) lead by example and spin as hard and fast as anyone in class.  There is a sense of accomplishment when the class tells you they had a great workout and enjoyed class!  SPIN ON!

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