Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January INSTRUCTOR of the Month - Darius Yancy

Happy 2015 everyone!  While we LOVE featuring our amazing clients, we thought we'd kick off the new year by letting you get to know one of our amazing instructors, the one and only Darius Yancy.  If you've been around the studio you know he has an infectious smile, more energy than the rest of us put together and knows how to rock some spandex.  He also has a deep passion for bringing fitness to others and we are so lucky to have him as part of our team.  

"Hi! Being a professional mixed martial artist and constantly training state to state I originally came to Dallas, TX just to visit my dad and train, but the attraction that all of Dallas had to offer kept me. Simply using my bike to get to my training sessions sparked my enthusiasm to become a cyclist and in turn leading me to be the cycling instructor I am today.

From instructing at Crowbar Cardio and being around such an awesome crew with individuals that come in & trust me with their goals and their workout, I grew to love helping others in fitness just as much as I helped myself.  Now I run several classes a week on top of of my own training program. My passion for martial arts has grown my passion for fitness itself and& anyone physically progressing through me brings my life all the more joy.

I’m also passionate about helping clients achieve goals through  personal training and I put together a program with cardio, strength conditioning, toning, speed,  circuit, boot camp, kickboxing, Cirkick training, and more depending on your physical goals  Just ask me for more info!" 

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