Monday, December 15, 2014

December Client of the Month - Amber Aikens-Robidou

Every new year provides an opportunity to change for the better. In 2013, Crowbar Client Amber Aikens-Robidou made huge strides in finding a way to make fitness work for her, despite old injuries and limitations. And her results have been awesome.  Amber is a formidable presence on the rower and an undeniable asset to any Indo-Row team, but it's her sunny smile and the warm encouragement she always offers to her other teammates that make her a true favorite around the studio.  We're so happy this was the year she joined the Crowbar Crew and so happy to round out our year by recognizing her.

"After a major knee injury and surgery, the doctors told me it would be best to stop playing basketball, weight lifting, biking, jogging, racquetball, pretty much everything I have enjoyed doing for physical activity. I was devastated, after 20 yrs of being a strong competitive athlete; this news was hard to swallow. I became depressed and stopped all physical activity and gained much unwanted weight. I had to find something I could do without pain (when even walking is painful most days). This search brought me to try rowing, and to my surprise I can push and row as hard as I can with NO pain. It’s like a little miracle to me each time I row.

Now that I had found something I could do, I had to find a place to do it. This is what brought me to Crowbar Cardio. I am so happy to find a place I can work hard, have fun, make friends, and burn a ton of calories all at the same time. After joining Crowbar the competitive athlete inside me starting coming out again and over the past 4 months I have lost 40 pounds and went from a size 14 to a size 8. Not only did I loss the weight I gained after surgery, BUT I am in even better shape then I was as a semi pro athlete. I owe it to the amazing classes and staff at Crowbar cardio, and I little hard work. If I can get out of my slump with so many limitations, YOU CAN TOO!"