Sunday, November 9, 2014

November Clients of the Month - Courtney & Alyson!!!

Since Crowbar is turning two this month we decided to feature TWO of our fabulous workout mommies for double the stories, double the celebration and double the birthday fun!  These beautiful, strong women make working out while pregnant look easy.  Just days ago, Alyson Woodard gave birth to her second son, William and Courtney Cleveland is due in late January.  We are so proud of these women and so happy to share our birthday celebration with them.   Here are their fitness stories...

 Courtney Cleveland
Why am I working out while pregnant? I'll tell you why. This is my second pregnancy and with my first I gained 80 pounds! Somebody pass this girl the chocolate chip cookies! Let's just say I ate my way through Dallas for 9 months.

Obviously, things HAD to change!
After I had our baby girl 2 years ago I discovered the link between WHAT one eats WITH your exercise. Turns out you have a way better work out when you skip the cookies - and then I actually started enjoying the exercise because I wasn't dying! I really fell in love with working out and was greatly motivated by the desire to keep up with my energetic toddler.

Fast forward to being pregnant again. Yay! This time I wanted to take care of the strong body I had worked for, but I also wanted to take it down a notch and not be too hard on myself lifting weights and running.

Enter Crowbar! It was the perfect fit with the rowing, cycling and barre options. The welcoming and kind coaches and community turned out to be this amazing added bonus.

Alyson Woodard
Client of the month! And I didn't even have to go into labor during Triple Threat...but I was prepared to do just that. What a great ride this has been and continues to be. I've never been a mega-gym or go-run-alone type worker-outer, so when I discovered Crowbar, it was the perfect fit. I loved the classes, loved the community feel and loved the results.
I found out late February that we were pregnant with our second child. I was flooded with memories of my first pregnancy. Otherwise known as my 9 month hall pass to eat mac and cheese and make permanent indentions on the couch from laying around watching tv. "This is the life!," I thought. Wrong. My payback came in the form of a really tough labor and a hard recovery. Oh, and the miracle of life.
When I found out we were on the gravy train again, I vowed to do it differently. I read the positive pregnancy tests and literally ran to and from barre that evening. Some might argue I took that personal oath a little far. Not sure I recommend two-a-days at six months pregnant, but I blame that on the summer challenge. Those points were like crack.
The instructors were full of modifications for each stage of the journey. I felt the collective effort from the Crowbar team to hit my goal: a safe and healthy pregnancy. Nine months later, I was totally prepared both mentally and physically to bring this kid into the world. And on November 4th, I unleashed my awesome in the form of a 9lb 7oz beast we named William Robert.

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