Friday, October 17, 2014

October Client of the Month - Tracy Mackay

Our October Client of the Month Tracy Mackay has a positive attitude, a dedicated spirit and is always an asset to every rowing team she's on, both as an athlete and a cheerleader.  Here she shares her fitness journey, from leotards to lunges in Tsunami...

I had never been athletic growing up, the only thing I loved was the water, and being fortunate enough to live in Singapore during my high school years, I enrolled in a PADI Open Water Diver course just to kill some time in the summer before school started. I loved it and made it all the way up to Divemaster, with several specialty certifications, including Rescue Diver and Reef Fish ID. But then I came to Dallas to go to SMU, and just never left. No ocean in Big D, unfortunately. Sad face.

I remember when I was at SMU from 1983-1987 (before some of you were born!!), aerobics was still a THING in fitness, and yes, don’t laugh, I had one of those really high-cut-on-the-sides leotards and a couple of pairs of leg warmers.  I worked out two or three times a week at some place on Mockingbird and Skillman that is not there anymore and of which I can’t remember the name. I liked it though, and pushed myself, and felt pretty good. Fast forward about 10 years…I had two little ones and no time to myself at all, much less time to work out. When they were a little older, in about 2000 or so, I signed up at the Y because they had great child care when the moms and dads wanted to work out. I got into a step aerobics class, and loved it, it was intense and challenging. I stuck with that class for several years, and made and kept lifelong friends from that class.

Then I moved in 2004 and joined Gold’s Gym, formerly White Rock Athletic Club, and it was there that I would first call myself an athlete. Never, ever before would I have used that word to describe myself. I met a trainer that motivated me like no other, he pushed and yelled and sometimes screamed, but it was always with love and genuine care for my health and progress. We remain close friends to this day. Boot camp, PoP class, kickboxing, spin class…I was so pleased with myself I even ran a couple of 5Ks! And I was down to a size 2, which was pretty awesome. But I felt HEALTHY instead of just skinny; healthy and strong.

So fast forward again, it’s 2012. A few major life events happened, including my mom’s death, my daughter graduating from high school, a breast cancer scare (negative!)…and some other stuff…so I was not working out at all for a while. Super sad face. Did Title Boxing Club for a year and liked it, but never could make it to the gym more than once or twice a week, and that wasn’t cutting it. I do not remember how I first discovered Crowbar, maybe it was all of my ex-roomie’s Facebook posts (Debbie and I were roommates in 1991-92, if you can believe that!) but I did my Intro week at the end of January and have never looked back. I love it, I love Karen, Molly, and Alika, and  will very soon venture into Triple Threat and maybe Bikes, Bands, & Balls…I’ve been doing Indo row and Tsunami (4 X a week total) for about two months now and can really see and feel a huge difference from 3 X a week. Thank you to everyone at Crowbar Cardio for helping me re-unleash my awesome!

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