Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September Client of the Month - Gaela Renee Hall

Our always-smiling September client of the month has a knack for creative Indo-Row team names and is about to hit the 100 class milestone.  We love Gaela Renee Hall for her can-do attitude, the fact that she laughs at all of our jokes and because when she found out she had been selected as this month's featured client, she came to class in a sparkly tiara.  She's a testament to the theory that fitness can be fun.  

"Since my early twenties I have valued being physically active on some level (despite what my weight and the number on my clothing tags said).  I had worked out at gyms off and on for many years doing classes and rocking the elliptical, but I can't say I ever really saw any significant results.

For a couple of years I'd been interested in rowing and had researched options for taking lessons on the water.  One day while driving I saw Crowbar Cardio.  A new business that had seemed to pop up overnight on lower Greenville.  It piqued my interest enough to do a little internet searching and I liked what I saw.  I was already talking it up to friends before I even signed up for the one-week trial.

After that trial week, I bought a class package and began to get a feel for the Indo-Rowers and knew I was on to something good.  That summer they introduced a 6-week challenge.  Not really one to challenge myself too much, I took a chance and signed up.  It was then I began to see some changes.  Not just physically or on the scale.  Something clicked.  I was pushed more than I had ever been pushed physically during the various classes I took.  There was a personal investment by instructors and there was a camaraderie (along with some healthy competition) building between participants and Crowbar staff.  It was hard, it was frustrating, but I just kept showing up.  After 6-weeks were up, my final measurements were taken and I think they were down about 6 inches overall.

Since that challenge I’ve continued to attend mostly the rowing classes on a weekly basis and participated in the 6-week challenge this summer.  I find that if I go too long without a class I start missing the sound of the water whooshing and the rhythm of the machines.  It’s cathartic.  For 45 minutes I have to be present and focused.  No racing thoughts about my to-do list or whatever is going on in life.  It’s just ‘Push! Recover, Recover’ along with the occasional mental gripe of how tired I am, or I can’t get my split time down because my legs feel like jelly, or wondering if I’m ever going to catch my breath again.

There are things that I’ve learned there that I find myself applying to other areas of my life.  Don’t hold back.  It’s just mental. I’m capable of more.  Reach longer. Push harder.  In the year and a half that I’ve been at Crowbar I’ve lost a little over 20 lbs and my measurements are down about 15.5 inches overall.  I think it’s pretty awesome that I can say that, it’s certainly more than I thought I was capable of.  But really I think it’s just physical evidence of overcoming some of my own mental and personal blocks while in that studio, and you can’t put a number on that."

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