Monday, July 14, 2014

July Client of the Month - Jon Aisner

Our Indo-Row classes wouldn't be the same without Jon and his signature beard and red headband.  He's been known to row so hard the rower is in a different spot when class is finished.  We love his attitude, his laid-back but still competitive spirit, his team name suggestions (the Unicorns?) and generally just seeing his smiling face at our studio.  We're glad his search for an Indo-Row studio led him to us and that we could provide a continued opportunity for fitness for a guy who's faced down some physical limitations but has never heard of the phrase, "I give up."  But let him tell you in his own words (and then go check out some of his live music shows!)...

"I moved to Dallas just over 3 years ago. I had been doing indo-row at a gym in Denver for about 6 months and was excited to find a local gym where I could continue training. I went to the indo-row website and checked for the nearest rowing gym. San Antonio. Sweet.
Once upon a time I could run. Exercise was easy. I could just put on some shoes and run somewhere. Ten years ago, I fell 15 feet onto my back and displaced some vertebrae. No more running for me.  My body is now reassembled by a doctor once a month.
As a musician, I need to keep my body in working condition. I am expected to get on stage multiple nights a week and perform for up to three hours and still be able to stand the next day. I turned to indo-row as a full body, low impact workout to stay healthy and improve my strength and endurance. Finding Crowbar has been very important to allow me to work on these things in a fun and stress free environment. I've expanded into Tsunami and Triple Threat. It has been great fun to get to know the trainers and the members and everyone is very supportive of what people are doing in the gym, as well as outside of it. I'm even thinking about bringing my beard and head band to a barre class soon."

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