Sunday, June 15, 2014

Clients of the Month June - Jan Steele & Wanda Wallendorf

As the summer heats up and it gets harder to get motivated to work out, sometimes it's easier if you make plans to work out with a friend.  So this month we are so excited to feature friends and workout buddies Jan Steele and Wanda Wallendorf as our Clients of the Month for June!  And, Jan is our oldest member too, proof positive that if you keep active you don't ever have to quit staying young, healthy and fit and clearly fabulous at any age!

Here's a little background from Wanda on how the two met and a little bit about their fitness philosophy:

"Jan and I met at Tom Landry Fitness at Baylor years ago. We are members of a group called Baylor Babes that a dear friend of ours organized. It consists of female members of Tom Landry. Most of the members are over 50. We meet for dinner occasionally and have a Christmas party every year. We have been members of Crowbar Cardio since it opened. Jan and I both believe that being sedentary is bad for your health. My family and Jan's family are proud of us."

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