Monday, April 14, 2014

April Client of the Month - Gray Powers

Most guys think Barre is girly, easy and just not for them.  This month, we wanted to let you get to know one of our regular "Barre Men."  Gray Powers always comes to class with a smile and a positive attitude and we love how he, like so many other of our male members, has discovered that Barre class isn't just for the ladies.  We'll just let him tell you how it's made a difference in his outside sports and maybe you'll decide to give it a try too.
I have been a regular exerciser for a number of years, strength training twice a week and using a recumbent bike at home. I play tennis at least twice a week and am an avid golfer, hunter, camper and back packer. I used to run quite a bit but, long term, that is hard on the knees. Despite being active I still found myself slowly losing flexibility and balance. In January I was looking for something to do to to remedy the situation. I live in Lakewood and had driven by Crowbar on a number of occasions and always was a little intrigued by the idea of Barre classes but was worried that it would be beyond my abilities at my age or that it would be only women. I was curious enough to check out the website and was pleased to see that there were a variety of classes including cycling and rowing  and that there were men as well as women in all of the classes. So I thought maybe I could check the place out and take an Indo Row or CROW class and then maybe "ease into" barre and or perhaps even yoga.

I took my first Indo Row class on January 8, 2014 and really enjoyed the class and the instructor Debbie Boone. The class is a great cardio workout with stretching and ab work as well. I loved the emphasis on proper technique and my legs, arms  and back felt great. I took two more rowing classes that week, one taught by Karen, and I began to see that everyone who worked there was top-notch. Technically competent, friendly and helpful, and they really seemed to enjoy working with people. I was emboldened to try the Barre class with Vlada the next week and I have to admit I felt like a total klutz. However, by the end of that first class I noticed that I was balancing a little better and stretching a little further. It was very hard but I made it through and I made a commitment to do the Barre class at least 20 times.  I soon joined as a monthly member. In three months I have taken 41 classes at Crowbar, including CROW, Tsunami and Techno Row in addition to Indo Row and Barre. I have taken 13 Barre classes out of my committed 20 and I realize now that I won't stop at 20.

The cardio conditioning has certainly helped my tennis game. In addition I find that my footwork and quickness have improved considerably and it is easier to reach that nice high toss on my serve. My golf game has benefited as well. I am able to make a bigger shoulder turn and my balance is better so I am better able to transfer my weight through he golf swing. Greater flexibility and balance improve every aspect of an active life.

All this benefit and it is really fun too. I love the small classes which allow for individual instruction. I am still a bit of a klutz, but less so than when I started. I get better with every class. All of the staff at Crowbar are friendly and knowledgeable and they truly take an interest in their clientele. Online scheduling makes it so easy to plan my week and I always look forward to every class.

All I can say is keep up the great work.

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