Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Client(s) of the Month - Renee Richeson & Tom Gunning

In honor of Valentine's Day, our client(s) of the month for February are an amazing couple who enjoy their solo workouts and love to come exercise together, Renee Richeson and Tom Gunning.  They always come in with smiles and great energy and we love having them in the building.  And they've been a part of the Crowbar Crew since the first month we opened.

Just before the holidays, Renee told us a little about her experience with The Barre at Crowbar and how fitness has helped her with footwear.  It was a great reminder that a fitness success story is not always about a big weight loss.  Sometimes the small victories are just as sweet:

"My first Barre class let me know I needed to add it to my workout life on a regular basis, even if all the 'dancy' bits were way out of the box for me. I used different muscle groups in class than I use in running or at the gym.  Because there is so much attention paid to the feet, I thought it would be a great way to tell my neuromas to quite bothering me.  What I didn't realize until about 3 weeks ago is that it is also great training for "playing dress-up".  My normal footwear is either cowboy boots, tennis shoes or teva's.  Just before Thanksgiving, I donned really high spiky heels for a party and wore them all night without a single complaint from my feet!  Yippee!!  Just goes to show you that there are many kinds of 'fitness'!"

Unbeknownst to Renee we recently asked Tom why he likes Crowbar and more specifically, why he enjoys working out with his wife in Indo-Row classes:

"Renee and I like going to Row class together because no matter how fast I row, she's right there with me! And if either of us feels like taking a 'slack day,' nobody else will know. Except Debbie.  I like Indo-Row because it keeps me lean & mean.  I've also kept competitive- getting 1st place in Masters at SWEAT the past two years. Thank you Karen and crew!"

Working out with a friend or a loved one can make the process more fun, so encourage the people you love to spend time with you join you at Crowbar.  Happy Valentine's Day Crew!  We love you!

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