Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January Client of the Month - Kathy Grant

Our First Client of the Month for 2014 is the lovely Kathy Grant.  Kathy has been coming to Crowbar for a few months now and recently, she won our Holiday Fitness Challenge!  Hear in her own words how she feels about her experience at Crowbar:
Kathy (November 2013)
I joined Crowbar Cardio on August 29th 2013. I weighed 158.5 pounds. I recently moved to lower Greenville and wanted to start working out and losing weight. I looked up the web site and decided to do the trial week. I loved that it was close enough to walk. I started doing the Triple Threat and Crow classes. I have also enjoyed the Yoga class.  I try to go everyday to a class since I joined. My son came in town for a week during Labor Day, I only took 1 class that entire week.

I knew I didn't want to join a "gym" I have had memberships in the past and I get better results when there is a scheduled class to come to.  My goal is to get to 135, I haven't been under 140 since I was in my 30's.  I'm 46 now, so it has been a while!! I've also begun 1 on 1 training with Vlada When we started, we weighed and took measurements.  I weighed 150.4 and am excited about my new goals!!

I really enjoy all of the instructors and the atmosphere at Crowbar.  Vlada is really positive and encouraging. ( everyone is!! )  I feel like she is as excited as I am about reaching my goals.  I have already noticed that I am more flexible. I am shocked at what I have accomplished in the Yoga class.

Erin encourages everyone to have a headstand in time. When she first said that I was thinking I will try but didn't think it was possible.... now I know I will get there!!  During one Sunday's class I did a back bend from a reverse downward dog ( I think that is what it is called).  I was sooooooo excited!! I didn't get my head off the ground but I did have the back bend!!!  Another goal to achieve.

Kathy in September 2013
I am so happy I found you guys and cant wait to reach my GOALS!


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