Monday, December 9, 2013

Laura Eigel - My Fitness Journey

Read how one of our clients has found fitness success.  We love you and are so happy to have you as part of our crew!

I've been coming to Crowbar for about 9 months now - which is conveniently the same amount of time it took me to gain a bunch of weight in my pregnancy with my son. I didn't work out much during pregnancy but ate well (probably too much...). After Mason was born, I didn't prioritize working out or eating right - showers and sleep won out instead. Then I went back to work three months later and it was about balancing work and life, still no prioritization of fitness. By then I had some of the weight I'd gained during pregnancy, but had to buy new work clothes in bigger sizes, and let's be honest, I was still wearing some maternity clothes too.  My friends had some successes with new classes they had taken - boot camps, cross fit, etc. I've never been one of those people to who loves to work out - it has really been a chore - a means to an end.

I drove by Crowbar and checked it out online. I asked my BFF Hayley if she would do a Barre class with me - should be fun, we can go together and see if we like it. 10 minutes in, and I gave her a look like OMG it has only been 10 minutes... I made it through one class full of skinny women that I compared myself to, and left thinking this was not for me. But Hayley wanted to go back and urged me to, so I did. And then we went back again, and again. Once a week at first, then sometimes twice a week. Then we got brave and branched out to a Triple Threat class and loved that too. A few months later I had lost 15 lbs and started to feel more confident about my body, and stopped comparing myself to others. I felt stronger, and actually was sad if I missed my "regular" class because of a work or home conflict. Then we signed up for the summer challenge and I got even more results. Now I workout at Crowbar 3 times a week pretty regularly (Barre is still my favorite). My husband is amazing and encourages me to go as often as I can.

The physical change in me after 9 months of Crowbar - 35lbs down.  In February I was a size 16, and today I wore a size 6 skirt to work that I haven't worn in over 2 years.  I weigh less now than I did before I even got pregnant. The emotional/mental change is even more substantial -  It is about challenging myself - not comparing myself to others. Knowing that I'm strong enough and good enough to do it. I have much more self confidence - which makes me a better mom,wife, and friend. When I think about Crowbar, I think about a positive place where you can challenge yourself to new levels doing new things. The instructors are amazing , fun and super supportive. The other clients are too - it is always a happy place to be. I couldn't have done it without my Crowbar peeps.

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