Thursday, August 15, 2013

Don't Quit!

We had an interesting discussion yesterday with one of our 6-week Crowbar Challenge team members who was frustrated because she has been working out harder than she ever has but the number on the scale hasn't dropped as much as she'd hoped it would. We know this is a pretty common feeling that is at the heart of many people's fickle relationship with exercise. It's a feeling that is strong enough to make you want to quit. But quitting gets you nowhere, pushing ahead gets you closer to your goal. Changing your body takes time, dedication, and commitment. We've set a 6-week time frame for our challenge because that's usually about the time it takes for people to truly see results, but that doesn't mean you'll be done at the end of that time. Our hope is that this challenge is giving you a jump-start to a lifelong relationship with exercise. Results are guaranteed, whether you're looking for weight loss or muscle gain, just keep on keepin' on and you WILL see results. Don't quit.

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