Friday, February 15, 2013

Crowbar RnR Half Marathon Team!

The Crowbar Crew is gearing up to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Dallas on March 24th.  If you want to be part of the running crew or part of the cheering crew, send an email and let us know so we can put you on the RnR mailing list.  We'll be scheduling some fun, low-key group runs on Sundays leading up to the race so check here or your inbox for the latest plans.  We'll also be planning a pre-race potluck pasta dinner for everyone running or cheering and we'll organize to meet up before the start of the race and again at the finish line for a little victory celebration.  If you're participating in any way, check the info below for stuff you need to know.

First Group Run - Sunday, February 17th at 9am.  We are meeting at Karen's house, use the above email if you need the address or directions.  It will be a one-hour out and back at White Rock Lake.  Everyone can run at their own pace and we'll all start and finish at the same time (30 minutes out, 30 minutes back).

Crowbar Crew Shirts
We need to know your size, style and color preference if you want to order a Crowbar Crew shirt.  You don't have to be running in the race to wear one, you can also be cheering or supporting another runner!  There are two styles for women and one for men.  Women's shirts come in a choice of blue with orange lettering or orange with blue lettering.  The men's shirts are mainly blue with orange accents and orange lettering.  Here are the photos:

The front will say "Crowbar Crew" and the back will say "Run Like You Stole It" and have the Crowbar web address.  We also hope to have the Crowbar heart on the left sleeve of the short sleeve shirts.  Here are the prices:

Men's shirt: $35 plus tax
Women's Tee: $30 plus tax
Women's Tank: $25 plus tax

We need to know your style choice, color choice and size by Monday, February 25th so we can place the order.  You can pay by cash, check or credit card in the studio and we'll take payment at the time of your order.

If you haven't registered for the race yet, you need to do so on the RnR website.  A number of us put 2:00 as our estimated finish time - just useful info if you want to start in the same corral.  We will all be running at different paces and some will stay together and others may spread out during the race.  We are doing this for fun so don't feel any pressure to perform or finish in a certain amount of time.  Many of us are not regular runners but we can't resist the chance to participate in something that's fun and athletic. 

That's it for now folks.  We'll keep you posted on more as we get closer!

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