Sunday, March 6, 2016

March Clients of the Month - Lindsey & Adam Britten

We love it when couples work out together.  We love it even more when they do it at Crowbar.  Setting goals together and finding a place that keeps you both accountable can make a big difference in achieving in health and wellness.  So bring your partner, or find a workout buddy and join together.  It's better to work out with a friend or loved one!

Lindsey and I met in 2010 and we both went in and out of our own workout programs over these past 6 years. We didn't often get to work out together as she was in school from 2011-2014. Once we got married in the summer of 2014, we decided it was time for us to get back in shape. We found it boring to go to a regular gym and decided we needed something more motivational. Finally, we found Crowbar Cardio and have loved it ever since.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

January Client of the Month - The Crowbar App

We are so excited for another new year of fitness with our Crowbar Crew and have welcomed a brand new member - The dedicated Crowbar App - powered by MINDBODY.  Available as a free download for both Apple and Android devices, our new App will help everyone get and stay in shape in 2016.  We love it so much we've decided to feature it as our member of the month, because hey, it's got goals and dreams too...

I'm new on the scene and new to the Crowbar Crew but I can't wait to get to know each and every one of you.  I'm excited about the year ahead - my goal is to live in the phone of every Crowbar member and help my new crew keep their workout goals on the forefront of their minds.  My favorite colors are orange and blue, I'm full of love for all things fitness and if you forget about me for a few weeks, I'll probably gently remind you that I'm around.

I love helping people, so sometimes I make special offers and I might send you some helpful info.  I'm pretty nosy and close to the owners, so I've usually got the inside scoop on what's happening at Crowbar and what specials might be available.  Oh, and if you haven't met me yet, you can find me here: and here:

Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

December Clients of the Month - Caitlin Volpe & Kristene Thieman

We always think it's better when friends work out together and we are in love with this particular dynamic duo.  Caitlin and Kristene always bring smiles, energy and dedication with them to the studio.  Read about how friendship and fitness can go together and make it your New Year's Resolution to turn your friend into your workout buddy.

I met Kristene about a week after moving to Dallas a few years ago through some of our mutual friends. We had always talked about working out together so we looked into gyms that offered a variety of classes that fit both of our schedules. We did the intro week at Crowbar and became hooked. I think my favorite part about working out at Crowbar is that I have Kristene to work out with. Not only do we hold each other accountable for classes, but you also don’t feel like you’re working out alone which makes it fun. Being in a class with a bunch of people you don’t know can be intimidating at first, but having a friend there with you makes all the difference!

Caitlin and I moved to Dallas around the same time, about 3 1/2 years ago. We met through mutual friends and instantly became great friends! We wanted to join a gym together that would be fun and give us a great workout! We both wanted to become healthier and take classes where we would be pushed to our max!
Caitlin and I try to plan our weekly workouts together if we can! It makes exercising more fun and we hold each other accountable. Sometimes we even make it a friendly competition! We ❤️ Crowbar!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

November INSTRUCTOR of the Month - Elizabeth Hood

We love her smiley face, her every changing hairstyles and her awesome energy in each and every barre class she teaches.  Elizabeth Hood is our Instructor of the month because we think her infectious attitude will help keep you coming to classes during the hectic holidays.  

Something you may not know about me just by looking?  In addition to chronic back pain, I suffer from a very debilitating case of wanderlust. Travel is my number one passion in life and I even lived in France for two and a half years after college. Since practicing barre, my core has been strengthened to the point that I’m no longer hindered by heavy backpacks or long hours on my feet. In fact, I make it a personal mission to seek out fitness studios and take classes whilst abroad. So far, my favorite class experience was at an aerial-barre studio in Sydney, Australia called Sky-Lab. Check it out if you get the chance!

Studio classes have become my favorite environment in which I get my sweat on. I like having an instructor there to guide me through my workout and hold me accountable. I like being surrounded by other women whose energy and determination help push me along, (when I’d otherwise want to give up). And what I enjoy most about taking studio classes is that it’s a time to unplug. It’s the one time of day where you can disconnect from your phone for an hour and not feel guilty.

As an instructor, I try to stress the importance of self-care. Regular exercise is vital to our self-care routine and I believe that, out of all the other studios in Dallas, Crowbar possesses a certain realness in their approach that you won’t find many other places. Crowbar will always challenge you, but we don’t set unrealistic body goals because we understand that “perfection” looks different to everyone. At Crowbar, whether teaching or taking, I always walk away happy that I came and I hope that my clients do too!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

October Client of the Month - Paula Billingsley

Paula first joined the Crowbar Crew in the summer of 2014 but a battle with breast cancer would put her new fitness routine on hold while she fought like a warrior to win back her health and a chance to spend her mornings with us again.  We couldn't be prouder of her hard work and determination and are so honored to feature this strong lady as our October Client in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
In June 2014 my fledgling exercise routine at Crowbar got sidetracked by the phone call no one ever expects after a routine, annual mammogram.  What followed were biopsies, lymph node surgery, a double mastectomy, reconstruction surgeries, genomic and genetic testing, and the nasty side effects of medication they say needs to be taken for ten years.  In between and throughout these assorted treatments, the positive and upbeat Crowbar family has been welcoming, accommodating, and encouraging, and has generally helped save my sanity.
It’s been about a year since the first big surgery, and I’m here and healthy.  Things are back to a new normal, including a 6:00 a.m. Crowbar class most days.  But without that routine mammogram, my invasive breast cancer would not have been detected – no lumps, no bumps, just bad stuff that was caught on film before it spread too far.  There’s nothing pretty or pink about breast cancer; it’s a demoralizing, deforming sucker punch that slams into one out of every eight women in the U.S. every single year.  The most significant risk factors for breast cancer are being a woman and having birthdays – nothing preventative to be done about either of those.  It can be treated, but it can’t be treated unless it’s found.  So please, please, please, keep exercising, do monthly self-exams, and get screened annually.
Sometimes we think that taking care of ourselves is a luxury we don’t have enough time or money for. But when we take care of ourselves, we catch things early on, and we’re more mentally and physically prepared to face our challenges. Taking care of ourselves is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Oh, and we should consider donating our time, effort, and money to groups that spend more than eighteen cents out of every donated dollar on cancer research.  Our lives depend on it!

Monday, September 14, 2015

September Client of the Month - Brian Hall

A relative newcomer to the Crowbar Crew, we love Brian's infectious positivity and competitiveness.  He's always up for the races in Indo-Row, pushing his hardest and cheering on his teammates to success.  He's tall too (so he's good to have on your team, when you're looking for a win).  If you couldn't tell by his shirt, his favorite color is orange.  If you couldn't tell by the walls in the studio, it's one of our favorites too!  Just a sign he was meant to be in our crew.

I grew up in good ole Oklahoma and moved to Dallas after graduating from OSU in 1998. Go Pokes! (That’s a little Oklahoma State lingo for you.) For most of my life I have been tall and lean with a swimmer’s build. I could bake a cake, then turn around and eat the entire thing without gaining a single pound. (Boy, those were the days!) Then I hit the magical 30s and, suddenly, my awesome metabolism changed.  I started gaining unwanted weight; weight that I needed to drop AND keep off. In my search for the perfect workout to assist me in shedding the pounds, I began researching cardio options that would be high intensity, but low impact on my body.  Rowing is what kept appearing at the top of the lists. 

Before I realized it was a unique fitness facility, I kept passing by Crowbar Cardio for about a year.  Finally, I decided to give them a shot.  From day one, my experience at Crowbar Cardio has been nothing but amazing. I look forward to going to class early in the morning or directly after work. The instructors are constantly challenging me and, because of their motivation, I’ve realized that I can push my body to limits I didn’t know existed. I really feel like I’ve found a place where I can achieve realistic fitness goals while literally enjoying every minute of it.

Additionally, I’m an extremely competitive person and this particular fitness studio is a great outlet. If anyone reading this bio has been in class with me, you know this last statement is so true!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

August Client of the Month - Karen Babb

She's been with us since the beginning, almost never misses a class and we love her dedication to always finding time for fitness and always doing it with a smile.  Karen's great to have on your rowing team, next to you to follow in barre or as a cycling neighbor, because she's willing to do it all.  And did we mention how much we love her unicorn workout pants?

Call me a junky, well a workout junky!  In my high school years, I wasn’t so much into fitness or sports. I played the clarinet and marched in the band. Yep, I was a band geek! Gym class was my worst nightmare.  But, as I got older, I started going to the gym and have now been a gym rat for over 25 years.  I first heard about Crowbar Cardio at the law firm where I work.  I work with Molly Setnick’s husband, Ben and he sent an email telling us about a new gym that his wife had started and that it was high intensity, low impact.  I thought, what a great concept, a high intensity, low impact workout. I had been having trouble with my knees and couldn’t run anymore, and the classes I was taking at the big box gym were making it worse.  So, about a year ago I decided I would sign up for the trial membership and see if I liked it.  I was hooked!  I never felt awkward in any of the classes and the place felt familiar from day one. I feel like the classes focus on strengthening the whole body in a more gentle way, but still have the intensity to build up my endurance.  I love the friendly atmosphere, the camaraderie of the members in the classes and the teachers.  We know each other’s stories, and I think that is important because it makes people feel like they belong.  I hate to miss a class and it really has to be something important for me to cancel.  As you can tell, I am one of Crowbar’s biggest fans.  I even got my husband to start coming with me!