Monday, September 14, 2015

September Client of the Month - Brian Hall

A relative newcomer to the Crowbar Crew, we love Brian's infectious positivity and competitiveness.  He's always up for the races in Indo-Row, pushing his hardest and cheering on his teammates to success.  He's tall too (so he's good to have on your team, when you're looking for a win).  If you couldn't tell by his shirt, his favorite color is orange.  If you couldn't tell by the walls in the studio, it's one of our favorites too!  Just a sign he was meant to be in our crew.

I grew up in good ole Oklahoma and moved to Dallas after graduating from OSU in 1998. Go Pokes! (That’s a little Oklahoma State lingo for you.) For most of my life I have been tall and lean with a swimmer’s build. I could bake a cake, then turn around and eat the entire thing without gaining a single pound. (Boy, those were the days!) Then I hit the magical 30s and, suddenly, my awesome metabolism changed.  I started gaining unwanted weight; weight that I needed to drop AND keep off. In my search for the perfect workout to assist me in shedding the pounds, I began researching cardio options that would be high intensity, but low impact on my body.  Rowing is what kept appearing at the top of the lists. 

Before I realized it was a unique fitness facility, I kept passing by Crowbar Cardio for about a year.  Finally, I decided to give them a shot.  From day one, my experience at Crowbar Cardio has been nothing but amazing. I look forward to going to class early in the morning or directly after work. The instructors are constantly challenging me and, because of their motivation, I’ve realized that I can push my body to limits I didn’t know existed. I really feel like I’ve found a place where I can achieve realistic fitness goals while literally enjoying every minute of it.

Additionally, I’m an extremely competitive person and this particular fitness studio is a great outlet. If anyone reading this bio has been in class with me, you know this last statement is so true!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

August Client of the Month - Karen Babb

She's been with us since the beginning, almost never misses a class and we love her dedication to always finding time for fitness and always doing it with a smile.  Karen's great to have on your rowing team, next to you to follow in barre or as a cycling neighbor, because she's willing to do it all.  And did we mention how much we love her unicorn workout pants?

Call me a junky, well a workout junky!  In my high school years, I wasn’t so much into fitness or sports. I played the clarinet and marched in the band. Yep, I was a band geek! Gym class was my worst nightmare.  But, as I got older, I started going to the gym and have now been a gym rat for over 25 years.  I first heard about Crowbar Cardio at the law firm where I work.  I work with Molly Setnick’s husband, Ben and he sent an email telling us about a new gym that his wife had started and that it was high intensity, low impact.  I thought, what a great concept, a high intensity, low impact workout. I had been having trouble with my knees and couldn’t run anymore, and the classes I was taking at the big box gym were making it worse.  So, about a year ago I decided I would sign up for the trial membership and see if I liked it.  I was hooked!  I never felt awkward in any of the classes and the place felt familiar from day one. I feel like the classes focus on strengthening the whole body in a more gentle way, but still have the intensity to build up my endurance.  I love the friendly atmosphere, the camaraderie of the members in the classes and the teachers.  We know each other’s stories, and I think that is important because it makes people feel like they belong.  I hate to miss a class and it really has to be something important for me to cancel.  As you can tell, I am one of Crowbar’s biggest fans.  I even got my husband to start coming with me! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July Client of the Month - Sean Vick

We don't just love Sean for his great accent, though we do enjoy hearing it in class.  What we really love is his determination to be stronger, work harder, reach goals and then exceed them. We also love that he has a friendly smile for everyone...
"Born and raised in South Africa, where the beautiful year round climate encouraged an active lifestyle, has fostered my love for both short and long distance running. After relocating to the United States in 1994, my rigorous college career and later jaunt into the finance industry forced me to take up residence in numerous cities up and down the eastern seaboard with varying climates from the blistering heat to the frigid snow.  The Northeast tends to be a bit on the icy side, often times forcing me indoors for exercise. The boredom and monotony of running on a treadmill was not working for me.  I decided to join a gym in New York City, seeking alternative sources for cardio activities, which lead me to discover both water rowers and the Real Ryder bikes.

After relocating to Dallas one of my top priorities was finding something comparable to my fitness experience in New York.  As fate would have it, I was delighted to find Crowbar Cardio right in my own back yard.  Considering my busy schedule, I love the no fuss atmosphere and encouraging environment that Crowbar provides me. I love that I am able to choose from a varied list of classes and that they have both my rowing and cycling needs covered. The instructors are knowledgeable, supportive, and professional; providing not only a great low impact workouts, but most importantly a fun and warm environment that keeps familiar faces coming back on a day to day basis. I am so happy to have found a studio that is helping me achieve my fitness goals."

Monday, June 15, 2015

June INSTRUCTOR of the Month - Brittany Harrington

We want to introduce you to one of our newest instructors, Brittany Harrington.  Don't let her petite frame fool you - she's one tough instructor and always has a big smile, a great laugh or an encouraging word for you, while she's kicking your butt.  If you haven't tried her classes, you're missing out.  And by the way, she has a musical hidden talent...

Do you know what a bassoon is?  I have been playing one since I was 11 years old in a town just around the corner from Dallas.  It’s something that has shaped my life in a profound way!  It has allowed me to travel around the world performing and learning about music, afforded me the opportunity to meet people across the globe, brought me through three degrees (a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and graduate Diploma), created lasting bonds with people, introduced me to my wonderful future husband, and even brought me to my love of fitness!

I have always tried to hit the ground running in anything I do.  When I first attended the Eastman School of Music, things were no different- I began practicing and performing anywhere from 2-7 hours a day!  The repetitive motion my body endured in conjunction with bad posture and practice habits, and hours of sitting in rehearsals, caused me to develop severe tendonitis.  I actually had to stop playing bassoon for a few months and go into physical therapy- no small feat when my degree program depended on my ability to perform! My forced hiatus from performing allowed me to re-evaluate my body, and I began taking better care of myself.  I eventually found that I wanted to help others, especially my peers, get into better shape.  As musicians, we spend a lot of our time being sedentary and I love when I can get people moving and feeling healthier and more energetic. Since breaking into the fitness industry I have helped many friends, family, and fellow musicians find a fun way to exercise.  I even convinced a bunch of colleagues to cycle with me after orchestra rehearsals one semester!

Fitness has allowed me to come back from severe injury and enriched my life in so many ways.  I love Crowbar Cardio not only because of its healthy low-impact classes, but because of the culture and the community.  Everyone comes from different places and various backgrounds, yet everyone supports each other.  Every time I walk through the door, I’m struck by the overwhelming sense of kinship amongst the instructors, staff, and members.  Every time I sit on a rower or a bike, I’m inspired by the members of my classes.  And every time I teach, I strive to bring that same sense of positivity, encouragement, and support those around me.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

May Client of the Month - Tiffany Bollinger

Tiffany Bollinger has been a member of the Crowbar Crew since just about the beginning and we are so glad she's stuck with us because we love her energy, her sense of humor and her great hair.  

Crowbar is more than just a fitness studio to me, it's my happy place. When my twin girls started going to school full time, I finally had some time to dedicate to my fitness. Crowbar was a no brainer. It was in the neighborhood, intimate, not intimidating, offered great classes and I always left feeling like I got a great workout. Growing up I was a swimmer, then after graduating college I moved to San Francisco and the mild weather with the endless scenic views inspired me to take up running. When I wasn't running you could find me at a barre or spin class. Crowbar fit perfectly into my exercise routine with the added bonus of InoRow class. Slowly but surely, there wasn't a class I didn't love at Crowbar. So when I'm not taking a class at Crowbar, you'll still find me there personal training with Darius Yancy. He always pushes me to next level and I love it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April INSTRUCTOR of the Month - Matthew Hickey

Matthew Hickey is a true gem - dedicated to the sport of cycling and dedicated to helping others find success in fitness.  We've known him since before Crowbar was Crowbar and we are so happy and lucky to have him as part of our fitness family.  
I am a native Dallasite who remembers when LBJ was built and Lover’s Lane near Greenville Ave had Lover’s Lane Horse Stables!  I’m happy to remember anything now! While a lot has changed since I grew up here, one thing has remained constant, I have always enjoyed working out as much as I have enjoyed eating! 

I have always had a challenge with maintaining a healthy weight.  My nickname growing up was “Fat Matt” and then “Fat Matt with a radial plied tire”! I have always been upbeat and I have had a good sense of humor so I was able to roll with the punches without taking it too personally.  After being overweight for years I was finally able to slim down by watching what I was eating and by starting a dedicated workout with goals in mind! It worked! I started cycling (back when no one wore helmets but long after LBJ was completed!) to complement my running and swimming.  I started riding with one of my best friends and we pushed and challenged each other!  I have run six marathons and annually ride the Hotter N Hell 100 mile bike ride as well as numerous other bike rides in the State.  Having a realistic stated goal and a friend or a group of friends to train with is very important since it helps you take ownership of the goal and to strive to succeed!    

Crowbar has great classes to choose from with a group of dedicated instructors who want to see the client succeed in obtaining their goal(s).  I understand the challenges of maintaining and controlling weight and physical condition.  As a teacher and leader of a spin class, I have two objectives: (1) first is to get each individual to challenge themselves and work as hard as they can to help them achieve their goals (2) lead by example and spin as hard and fast as anyone in class.  There is a sense of accomplishment when the class tells you they had a great workout and enjoyed class!  SPIN ON!

Friday, March 13, 2015

March Client of the Month - Flannery Nardone

Well, yes, she has a very Irish name, but it took more than that to choose Flannery Nardone as our March client of the month.  She's been a regular at Crowbar for a long time now and she always brings a positive attitude in the door with her.  We love seeing her in our classes and love the growth she's had in her personal fitness over her time as part of the crew.  And yes, we do think she brings a little luck o' the Irish along with her.  

A little over two years ago my best friend talked me into coming to Crowbar with her.  We made a deal that I’d suffer through a spin class with her if she’d come to a Barre class with me, and after that first class I was hooked.  Right after our class in the parking lot my friend told me her husband had gotten a job in Austin and they were moving, but I’m so thankful she introduced me to Crowbar before she left!

Over the years I’ve joined several different gyms, but I never found one that motivated me the way Crowbar does.  Now rather than forcing myself to go into a huge gym where I’d mindlessly get on an elliptical for thirty minutes, I actually look forward to going to Crowbar where I know I’ll be engaged and challenged.  The instructors know you by name, the classes are full of friendly and familiar faces, and there’s something about the whoosh of the water barrels on the rowers that’s oddly calming (even when your heart is pounding).  I actually hate when things come up now that keep me from getting to my workout—a feeling that’s new to me when it comes to exercise.  Having done ballet growing up, Barre was where I started, but after a while I got the courage to start exploring other classes.  Although I was initially intimidated, they work to suit all different levels and the only real competition is against yourself—each month I try to shave another couple seconds off my split time in IndoRow or I’ll see if I can balance a little longer in Barre than I did the week before.  I remember my legs shaking so hard after just ten minutes of that first Barre class in January 2013 that I thought they’d give out and everyone would politely stare at the poor new girl on the floor, but I made it through on my feet!  And now, two years and hundreds of classes later my legs (and the rest of me) are stronger than they’ve ever been, and even though my legs still shake after all those pliés, I know they’ll keep holding me up and that I’ll be back a few days later for more.